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by Leslie Fields-Cruz

WOW! It’s only a few days before 2023 is a wrap. As we step fully into year-end holiday mode, the BPM team and I thought we’d share a few recommendations for your holiday viewing. We’ve selected these films around the seven principles of Kwanzaa. Even if you don’t observe that tradition, we’re certain you’ll enjoy these programs. Most are available to view from the BPM Website’s WATCH page.

BPM Winter Holiday Viewing Guide (Programs are listed in alignment with the seven principles of Kwanzaa)

symbol of umoja, the adinkra icon for unity

Tuesday, December 26

symbol for kujichagulia, the adinkra icon for self determination

Wednesday, December 27

symbol for ujima, the adinkra icon for collective works & responsibility

Thursday, December 28

symbol for Ujamaa, the adinkra icon for cooperative economics

Friday, December 29

symbol for nia, the adinkra icon for purpose

Saturday, December 30

symbol for kuumba, the adinkra icon for creativity

Sunday, December 31

symbol for imani, the adinkra icon of faith

NEW YEAR’S DAY Monday, January 1, 2024

*These films are available on PBS Passport** This program is available at*** These AfroPoP Digital Shorts are streaming on the BPM YouTube channel

I also invite you to include BPM in your year-end giving by clicking this link: Support BPM w/ Your Gift. All gifts are welcome.

colorful poster for the short film series ‘covid conversations,’ featuring comedian Sir Alex in the background and Dr. Oboh in the foreground

Finally, we’d love for you to “celebrate” our Anthem Award Finalist entry by clicking here, entering Black Public Media in the search box, selecting Covid Conversations, and completing the form to applaud the series. Though the gold, silver and bronze Anthem Awards are decided by an industry panel, the Community Voice awards are based purely on audience appreciation. Here’s your chance to weigh in and show the public how much we appreciate our filmmakers, Julian Hamer and Yessica Hernandez-Cruz. We’re up against some stiff competition so every voice counts. This Thursday is the celebration deadline.

Have a very merry holiday break! We look forward to seeing you in the new year. Our Weekly Dispatch is on hiatus next week so BPM’s editorial elves can enjoy their break along with the rest of our staff. Our business offices will be closed, too. We’ll return to our desks Tues., Jan. 2, and we’ll publish the first edition of the 2024 BPM newsletter on Tues., Jan. 9. ’Til then, stay safe and happy viewing!

— Fields-Cruz is the executive director of Black Public Media



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